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Game Points (for U10 and up)

  • Will be used to determine the ranking.  Trophies or medals are awarded accordingly.
  • Will be also combined with referee points to determine the playoff ranking.
  • 7 points for a win, 3 points for a tie, and 0 points for a loss.  One additional point for each goal scored (up to 3 points maximum). 
  • Example:  Red vs Blue, 4-3 -->  Red gets 10 points (7+3) and Blue gets 3 points (0+3).

 *Note - If your team is leading by six or more goals, please make subtle changes to make the game more challenging for your team without demeaning the opponent (e.g., switch forwards as goalies, three passes before taking a shot, working on crosses before taking a shot, weak foot shots for your forwards, etc).

Fall Season Playoffs (for U10 division and up)

Area Playoffs (December):
In addition to the regular Fall season, Region 54 also participates in Area E post-season playoffs for U10-U14 divisions (i.e., Region < Area < Section < State).  In order to qualify for playoffs, teams must meet the minimum number of referee points during the Fall season.  The top two teams of the regular Fall season will advance to the Area playoffs which takes place during the month of December.  Area playoffs take place on Saturdays (typically over three weekends). Teams will travel to various fields within Area E for playoffs.  Winners in Area E will then travel to Section 11 playoffs.  Awards will be issued at the end of Area playoffs based on playoff standings.
Region Playoffs (11/18):
Region playoffs in an in-house playoff that takes place on 11/18 among our region teams to determine who advances to the Area playoffs.  The methods vary among the divisions as follows:
BU10 (9 teams) 
- Every regular season game counts toward the playoffs.
- 1st place team (with ref pts) automatically advances to the Area playoffs (bye on 11/18).
- 2nd place through 5th place team (with ref pts) play single elimination Region playoffs on 11/18.
- Winner of the Regional Playoffs advances as the 2nd place team to the Area playoffs.
- 6th place through 9th place team plays a friendly match (one game).
- Bye game every week.
GU10 and BU12 (8 teams)
- First two weeks (9/9 & 9/16) will be friendly matches and will not count toward the playoffs.
- 1st place team (with ref pts) automatically advances to the Area playoffs (plays friendly on 11/18).
- 2nd place through 5th place team (with ref pts) plays a single elimination Region playoffs on 11/18. 
- Winner of the Regional Playoffs advances as the 2nd place team to the Area playoffs.
- No bye weeks.
GU12 (4 teams)
- Every match counts towards the playoffs, but every team will participate in the Region Playoffs.
- Each team will play 3 regular season games against each other before the Region Playoffs.  Great opportunity for player development.   
- 1st place team vs 4th place team; 2nd place team vs 3rd place team (with ref pts).
- Winners from the morning games will play each other in the afternoon, and both teams will advance to the Area playoffs as 1st place and 2nd place teams.  
- No bye weeks.


          Whether you are a first-time coach trying to learning the best coaching techniques for your team, or a veteran coach looking to spice up your practices with different and challenging drills, there are numerous resources available for you to reach your goals and ensure success: 

  • AYSO's Hey Coach! newsletter contains articles on coaching techniques, drills and other important news.
  • Coaching Tips
  • Videos of drills for your next practice
George Kuntz, AYSO’s National Player Development Technical Advisor, shares his eight keys to a successful practice. 
P for Have a Plan - Have a topic prepared for every practice 
R for Repetition - Use similar exercises throughout the year that will allow kids to see their improvement 
for Action – Activities should be dynamic and lively and versus static; inclusive instead of exclusive 
C for Communication - Make sure the exercise and the rules are clearly communicated to your players 
T for Timing – Know when to teach a topic and choose the best moment to make corrections during practice
I for Improvisation – Utilize and encourage creativity. Be flexible throughout practice and be open to making any new changes, if necessary 
C for Concentration - Focus on technical or tactical issues with a clear constructive message 
E for Execution – Expect that the players can execute at a higher level and they will

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