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New Schoolyard


Region 54 "Jamboree" program is a pressure-free introduction to soccer. Players experience age appropriate development that requires no practice or prior experience.

Weekly (Friday) sessions lasting one hour a night are led by a master coach with parent involvement. 

Parents and kids are introduced to games and activities that develop soccer-related skills. This clinic style program introduces the youngest kids
(and their parents) to soccer as a stress-free experience. 

Parents be prepared to run, kick, jump, and smile with your child! This program is built for players ages 3-4 years old. 

The objective of the program is to help develop, in collaboration with parents, the child's fundamental motor skills using soccer as a common thread. 

There is NO COMPETITION in AYSO Playground/Schoolyard Soccer! The goal of AYSO Playground is to allow kids to develop fundamental motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and social interaction in a fun and safe AYSO environment. Children get to gradually discover the game for themselves while bonding with parents or guardians.  


6U Division

6U Guidelines

6U is a non-competitive division.  This is a chance for 6U children to learn about soccer in a positive environment. The children learn basic soccer skills like kicking, dribbling, and throwing the ball, but in a low pressure setting. This is to expose the players as a game, without the pressure to win. Children need to have shin guards, tennis shoes/soccer cleats, soccer ball size 3 and water to bring to each practice/games.

6U practices will start at 5:00- 6:00pm. Players are restricted to three hours of soccer per week, which includes practice, warm-up, and game time. This means 1 time a week practice and games each Saturday.

No Score will be kept and there will be no standings.

Teams consist of 6 players per team and play 4 on the field. Minimum number of players is 3 for an official game. You will pay 2 full 20 minute halves (10 min quarters). Each player should play at least 3 quarters of the game.

There are NO GOALKEEPERS, players must keep at least 5 feet from the goal.

There are NO INDIRECT KICKS allowed during the games.

Throw Ins are now pass in by the foot on the Touch Line.

The Coach is the “Referee” and will be the only adult on the field (1 from each team). The Coaches will ref half of the game. The Coach will not interfere with play but will act as an instructor for his/her players.


8U Division

8U is a non-competitive division.  This is a chance for 8U children to improve their soccer development in a positive environment.

8U cannot practice after 7:30 pm.  Players are restricted to five hours of soccer per week, which includes practice, warm-up, and game time.

Each team must provide three (3) AYSO certified referees prior to the beginning of the season.  Each team will be responsible for having one their team’s referees sign up on Matchtrak. The home teams are to provide the center referee. 

No Score will be kept and there will be no standings.

There are GOALKEEPERS!  A different goalkeeper must be used for each quarter of the game. Therefore, each game 4 different players will play the position of goalkeeper. The region will offer goalkeeper training in the fall. 

Seven (7) players on the field.  Minimum number of players for an official game is five (5).   Each player must play a minimum of three (3) quarters before any player can play four (4) quarters.  Games are 2 20-minute halves.  Coaches are not allowed on the field and must remain in the coaches’ box/area. One (1) Assistant Coach can join the coach. All other assistants need to sit with parents and cheer.  

All players will receive an award at the end of the season.
(Fall Season Only) 

Division Specific - 10U and Older

10U & older are Competitive divisions.

10U and older cannot practice after 9:00 pm.  Players are restricted to six hours of soccer per week, which includes practice, warm-up, and game time.

10U/12U Divisions only - Each team must provide three (3) AYSO certified referees prior to the beginning of the season.  Each team will be responsible for having one of their team’s referees sign up on Matchtrak and complete an AR duty for their game if the position is open within Matchtrak.

Required Number of Players for a game
10U - Seven (7) players on the field.  Minimum number of players for an official game is five (5). 
12U – Nine (9) players on the field.  Minimum number of players for an official game is seven (7).
14U and older – Eleven (11) players on the field.  Minimum number of players for an official game is seven (7).

It is highly encouraged that all players play a minimum of three (3) quarters per game.

Game score reporting 
Shall be reported by the winning coach or the home team in the case of a tie, using the Regional website ( within 24 hours of the completion of the game. Follow the online instructions.

Point System
Win 3 points, Tie 1 point, Loss 0 points.

Awards will be given to the first, second, and third place teams. (For U10/U12 teams only during the fall season)

Tie Breakers: head to head play, least goals allowed, team with the most goals (maximum 3 per game), goal differential of all games with 3 goals being counted as the maximum goal differential per game, team with the fewest losses, coin flip.

Player Suspensions 
Cautionable Offenses - If a player receives three (3) cautions over a three (3) game period, the player will receive an automatic one (1) game suspension.

Sending Off Offenses - The following four offenses are considered to be unacceptable behavior:  guilty of serious foul play, guilty of violent conduct (strikes or attempts to strike), spits or attempts to spit at an opponent or any other person, or uses offensive, insulting, abusive or degrading and/or gestures.

If a player is sent off for any of the above offenses, the player will receive a minimum of a two (2) game suspension. The Review Board, consisting of Board members, after reviewing all of the facts, shall have the right to increase or decrease the suspension – including the suspension of the player for the balance of the season.

A suspended player may be present for the suspended games, but is not required to be present. They will not be allowed to be present in the technical area. They will be required to sit on the parent side of the field.

The coach shall note this on the game card and notify the referee team of the suspension.

U14 & U16 will play Area and Section Guidelines. Area and

Build-Out Line

The purpose of the buildout line (U8/U10) is to teach players how to advance the ball out of the back by keeping the ball in possession now becoming the attacking team. This will facilitate player development by allowing the attacking team the opportunity to receive and play the ball in a controlled method rather than the chaotic more common method of punting the ball up the field and the ensuing scramble for possession (which is usually lost to the opposing team 80% of the time). In addition, players learn to control the ball, have less opportunity to head the ball, and reduces the dangerous play of high kicking because the ball remains on the ground. 

Build-Out Line Video

Field Setup

Field Set Up Duty include:  painting of fields, setting up goals, nets, & flags, putting goals, nets & flags away, setting out trash cans & field clean up after last game of the day.

Field Set Up - If you are the first game of the day  
Painting Fields will be on Friday between the hours of (4:30pm - 6:30pm)
Home Team - will paint fields & set out trash cans
Away Team -  will set up all goals, nets & flags 

Field Clean Up - If you are the last game of the day
Home Team - will put away one goal post, nets & flags
Away Team - will put away one goal post & empty aut away trash cans

HOME & AWAY Teams = ALL Cerritos Region 54 Teams.  

*** If you are a Home Team playing another Region then your team must put ALL equipment away***

Goal Differental

Goal Differential

AYSO's mission is to develop and deliver quality youth soccer programs where everyone builds positive character through participation in a fun, family environment based on these six fundamental principals:  Everyone Plays, Balanced Teams, Open Registration, Positive Coaching, Good Sportsmanship, and Player Development.

Teams are put together by gender and age and are balanced in a way that makes playing soccer about the experience, not wins or losses. It’s not about blowing out another team with an unbelievable score; it’s about sportsmanship and learning to be the best possible teammate and opponent. Developing players is what we’re about because soccer skills and life skills go hand in hand. We want to get players on the field, provide them with good positive coaches, and teach them to play soccer.

Coaches - Please remember that these memories are not just yours.  You are here to help make great memories for the kids and young adults.  Running up the score is not beneficial to any child's self-esteem and should be prevented at all costs.

All attempts should be made to keep the Goal Differential no more than 6 goals, preferably less than that.

How to accomplish this? 
 - Put in your players that could use more game time to better develop their skills that may not be as strong as some of the other players. 
 - Have your goalies play on the field to increase their touches.
 - Switch your defense with your offense.
 - Play a player down.

DO NOT do the following:
 - Yell "Only pass, no shooting", "Only use your left foot", "You must pass 5 times before shooting"
 - These type of comments are demoralizing to the kids.  Feel free to say those things directly to your players during the rest period.

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